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I would highly recommend anyone to join in with the Kung Fu Bromley-Martial Arts classes, they are run by fantastic Martial arts instructors who pay attention to everyone. Everyone there is one big happy family.


We are so happy with how far they have come on since Sept 2018. They have both grown in confidence and really enjoy their time with Henry. Not only are they keeping fit they are also learning discipline and how to protect themselves if they needed to


Elizabeth and I joined after we were verbally attacked on our doorstep by our neighbour’s son, who is in his mid to late 20s and we are in our 60s. Five weeks on the martial arts we have learned has given us more confidence.


My daughter enjoy every class because they are not only learning martial arts, but the teacher knows how to capture children's attention and to play with them.


I went to a taster session (easily booked via their website) and joined up straight away after the first class. The classes are fun and the teachers knowledgeable, a fact supported by the many students that have been attending for multiple years.


The instructors provide a safe and helpful training environment and I have never felt more welcome.


The team are calm and consistent and supportive with the children and look out for their individual progress. It’s a lovely enthusiastic class and the children respond well to this approach.

Bethan C

I can’t recommend them highly enough. Zach loves his time at little dragons and looks forward to every session. Without a doubt little dragons has had a very positive impact on his confidence.

Richard M

Training at Kung Fu Bromley has been and will continue to be valuable for me as it allows me to take a break from the stress of my studies.

Isobel B

I cannot thank the club enough for giving my daughter the confidence to participate in Martial Arts.

A. Grace

A perfect school for learning self defence and fitness!

Taz Hussein

We wanted to enrol our girls age 3 and 6 in Kung fu to help with their self discipline, independence, assurance, protection and confidence. We are delighted they enjoy it and appear to be thriving!

Victoria Riches

The team invest in making sure you’re learning in an engaging way. A great way to build confidence (physically and mentally), learn an ancient discipline and get/stay fit! Really pleased I found them!

Isla Smith

Sebastian enjoys his Thursday's at little dragons, he gets to learn lots of new skills but have fun at the same time. He's always excited to come.

Mandy Sellek

Annie has been coming to the little dragons classes for 8 months now. She enjoys the classes and they have benefited her coordination/confidence. The instructors are excellent..... :)

Sumidha Jagal

Fantastic staff always give you a warm welcome. Kids love it. The ethos is outstanding!

Iza Seabrook

Fantastic place for my young lad. He absolutely loves it. Great discipline taught and very good for fitness. Henry is a very patient and great instructor. Keep it up.

Ade Rahman

Great teachers and great fun!

Harrison Beck

My boy is stronger & noticeably more coordinated, they learn about discipline and respect to yourself and others, often bring important topics like bullying and its prevention. Henry is a dedicated teacher and all of us - little and big ones love him

Elena Weaver

Adults class are great and welcoming. You can go at your own pace but are always challenge and encouraged. No matter what size you are or at what ability you are welcome.


An excellent way to keep fit and learn practical self defence with very friendly teachers and students. The work outs and pad drills are fantastic and make you want to do more.

Dave Plummer

I have had such a transformation in this time. Training alone isn't my thing either so joining here was such a turn around as I joined a welcoming group and my beginners ability didn't make me feel less than.

Leonie Santos