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One of the main principles behind our system is not to fight ‘strength for strength’, rather than using techniques that rely upon muscle size and strength, we use body mechanics, reactions and technique to overcome our opponent, and thanks to this principle Wing Tsun can be trained by anyone regardless of physical fitness, weight, age or height. 

Wing Tsun martial arts is trained in a group environment but designed around the development of the individual. When you come to our classes you will find yourself in a warm and friendly environment, full of like minded and helpful individuals. ‘Culture and Community’ is very important to us and we make sure that our schools are always a positive place to be, and we make sure you always leave not only feeling empowered but also with a smile.

You will be training in a safe, friendly and controlled environment with qualified instructors who are there to make sure you get a Black Belt service. We have packages and memberships to suit all individuals and families.

WT is the complete system covering all of the 5 ranges in unarmed self defence, which are;

Kicking – Longest unarmed range
Punching – Most common range for self-defence
Elbows & Knees – Closer than Punching Range
Stand-Up Grappling – Shortest unarmed stand-up range
Anti Ground Fighting – Groundwork

We begin by teaching how to defend against the punching range, as this is the most common range for attacks to begin. Whilst being a traditional martial art, our teaching of the system is constantly reflecting realistic self-defence situations, and adapts to suit the needs of today’s society. Remember, WT is a martial art and self-defence system, not a martial “sport” which focusses on how to fight in controlled environments such as a ring, in competitions, or how to score points in sparring.

Wing Tsun is a system based on concepts & principles, not hundreds of fixed techniques. These simple principles apply in all situations and can be learnt by anyone, without requiring a high level of strength, flexibility, stamina or overall fitness to perform them.

All of our adult instructors are highly experienced and qualified in teaching martial arts holding a minimum of a 1st Higher Degree. 

Wing Tsun

In our Bromley school we have our Lil’ Dragons Martial Arts Program! This gives an opportunity for your Child to build Confidence by setting age appropriate goals, specifically designed for the ages of 3-5 years. Our classes will accelerate their development in areas such as Coordination, Balance, Memory, Focus and much more!

They will also be learning life skills such as Cooperation, Team Work, and Helping Others. In addition, they will be building on their social skills to improve their relationships among their peers and develop a trust and respect for children, adults, and themselves.

In our course program we also have self-defense courses for children who are still in kindergarten. The course contents are transferred into a playful, motivating environment, so that the children playfully learn to strengthen their own self-confidence. There is a large amount of exercise training and role-playing games that are adapted to age.

We offer FREE TASTER SESSIONS so your Child can have Fun in our classes, start gaining the benefits from them, and gives all parents the opportunity to meet our team and discuss what you want your Child to achieve with us!

Junior WingTsun

Our Children’s self-defence programs focus on life skills essential to your child’s safety for life such as Anti Bullying and stranger danger whilst making sure they have fun and improve their social skills in a group environment.

Our classes specialise in individual growth, making sure your child enjoys themselves in a safe and friendly environment whilst learning self defence and improving their focus, discipline, co-ordination and physical growth. Most of our parent base has seen their child’s performance and behavior improve at school after only a short period of time training with us.

The classes are structured to improve your child’s confidence and discipline as well as learning about ethics and important topics with our word of the weeks. We reward good behaviour and encourage advanced grades children to be role models to create a culture of learning and fun.

Ladies Only Self Defence

Come back soon or fill out the contact form on the home page or contact us page to register your interest in Ladies-Only self defence classes and workshops!