Martial Arts and Physical Wellness

Martial Arts and Physical Wellness

Why do physical exercise?

Well there are many reasons why and they are all designed to help your physical and mental health plus improve your Wing Tsun. Firstly, it is very well known that in the western world we have an obesity epidemic due to the lifestyle of an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical exercise. The cheap availability of high-sugar snacks and drinks along with a day job mainly involving sitting at a desk has largely contributed the decreasing health of the nation.

What are the benefits of exercise to my health?

Physical exercise does not only make your lungs and heart healthier and more efficient but it lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen flow to your cells, strengthens your muscles and helps prevents heart disease and arthritis. Exercise also improves your posture by strengthening and stretching out your core and back muscles and it also releases the stress from your daily life. As stress is a common cause of obesity (emotional eating), cancer, heart disease and other health problems, it is important to release the stress from your body in some way or another either by hitting a pad or by meditation.

The human body is designed for movement, not sitting down for long periods of time, therefore it comes to no surprise a low-activity lifestyle does no good to your physical health in the short-term and long term. A lot of gym memberships are rarely used for a variety of reasons with one of the main being self-motivation to put together an exercise schedule and plan and then get the gym after/before a hard day’s work to grudge out a workout. Therefore, there is now a huge market targeting people who want to exercise on a frequent basis such as multiple gym chains and franchises such as Zumba and insanity etc.

What makes us different from gyms and franchise fitness chains?

At our schools in the south east, all students and instructors motivate each other to achieve a common goal in a warm-up and pad drill.  By working in a team or in pairs, everyone can achieve a team goal by pushing each other and encourage each other to the best you can. As a result, achieving the goals increases the confidence in yourself and makes you realise what your mind and body can achieve.

What do we do in class?

The large variety of exercises and pad drills will make sure all students will always enjoy exercising during classes whole improving their martial arts skills. There are exercises that will target different muscle groups such as the triceps (muscle on the back of the upper arm), pectoral muscles (on the chest) or the hamstrings (large muscle on back of the upper leg). You can target the fast twitch muscles such as the triceps or calf muscles (back of the lower leg) that provide a large amount of energy in a very short amount of time to improve your punching or kicking or you can target the slow twitch and core muscles such as the quadriceps (front of the upper legs) or the abdominal muscles (abs or 6-pack) that help improve your grounding and stability.

What differences will you notice after a period of time training in our schools?

Within a few weeks to a few months of training with us, you will notice an increase in confidence in yourself and improvements in your day to day life that you may not have noticed such as: walking up the stairs without getting out of breath, rushing to the station to catch your train without soaking your suit or playing football with your friends or kids without tiring. By working out anaerobically (where your cells can’t receive enough oxygen to produce energy so you burn your fat reserves for energy) you will lose weight (with a healthy diet) and live a longer, healthier life