Martial Art Training & Drinking Water, Stay Hydrated!

Martial Art Training & Drinking Water, Stay Hydrated!

Why Drinking Water is Important In Martial Arts Training


Hi everyone…

In this blog I’ll be discussing a particular fluid that’s essential to all life on Earth, water! And why it’s so important to stay hydrated in your martial arts training.

Facts… The two most essential things the human body needs are oxygen and water. During exercise the demand for these two things increase.

As we exercise our muscles work more and therefore the cells in our body need more oxygen. As our heart rate increases during exercise (the heart pumps more oxygenated blood around the body) and our breathing increases so our lungs can exchange more carbon dioxide (as toxic waste product produced by our cells) with oxygen.

Secondly… During exercise our cells produce heat as a waste product and as our body temperature rises as our muscles work, we sweat to lower the temperature on the surface of our skin. Therefore, the harder and longer we exercise, the more we sweat and the more water we need to drink to replace the lost water… Also, water is lost on our breath via our lungs.


You & Water –


  1. Comprises at least 3/4 of total body mass and substance

  2. Keeps mucosal membranes from drying out (eyes, mouth etc)

  3. Maintains optimal digestive function and elimination

  4. Permits the absorption of Life-Essential nutrients & energy

  5. Maintains optimal and stable heating and cooling

  6. Facilitates blood flow, cellular reproduction & movement

  7. Supports the efficient removal of toxins and waste from internal organs

  8. Primary conduit for delivering all body fluids, molecular messages and especially oxygen delivery

  9. Without water, cells cannot grow, reproduce or survive, and the entire organism dies


Effects… Short Term: So, we know that we lose water in our sweat during exercise, what happens when we don’t drink enough during and after training…


The risk of dehydration, “a harmful reduction in the amount of water in the body”, is greatest during exercise in heat and high humidity and the symptoms include dizziness or feeling light-headed, headache, tiredness, dry mouth, lips and eyes and a loss of strength and stamina.


Prevention… To prevent dehydration, water should be consumed in small amounts regularly during exercise! And as our body temperature is still above the normal resting level of 37°C we continue to sweat after training, so water must be consumed after exercise.


Remember to always bring a bottle to class!


SiHing Henry