Lil Dragons Martial Arts - Bromley

Lil Dragons Martial Arts - Bromley

😎😎 Happy Monday! We wanted to introduce you to one of our dedicated lil dragons family in Bromley!! 😎😎

Theo and Ayla has been training with us for over 18 months and have both had a much increased self disipline, focus and co-ordination since joining us and love coming to class every week!

Their mum Liz first signed up Theo because "we wanted him to be part of something that would help to build his confidence, be fun, and that he could continue to improve at as he got older" and has seen a massive improvement in his confidence and Theo is looking forward to moving up to the junior classes. 

"At first he was reluctant to join in at all and I often had to join in with him. After a while though his confidence grew and he was really enjoying himself in every session. We learned that consistency in bringing him to class every week was really important as he got to know the teachers and understood what was expected of him."

In the new year, his sister Ayla joined in the classes as she had been coming along every Saturday to watch Theo since he began so she was eager to get involved. "It has been lovely to see her enjoying the classes with her brother and watching them learn together. "

Liz sees the benefit of the topics taught by the instructors at WT Bromley and how they are taught saying "the teachers are consistent and really good at getting the kids to do the same exercises but teaching them at an appropriate level for their age and understanding. They often discuss important topics like stranger danger, bullying and the importance of focus and respect during class in a way that makes it fun and interesting for the kids." 

"We are really pleased that we found this class and feel we all get something positive out of it."


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