January Update

January Update

What’s New for January 2019?

We’re closing in to the end of January. January is traditionally the time for a new you. Filled with mince pies, Christmas dinner, drink and chocolate, motivated individuals flock to their local gym to start their new year resolutions, to get fit!

Most gyms survive off their January intake of newbies but do people stay motivated for long?  You need motivation by a coach and people need a goal, something to aim for and something to keep learning! This is why millions of adult and children take up martial arts and most importantly stay motivated!

Training martial art helps you:

  • Keep fit by hitting pads and working out, jogging around the hall and generally training with others

  • Make new friends and meet new people

  • Learn a key, lifelong skill in defending yourself

  • Work on your co-ordination, agility and general wellbeing

  • Stay motivated by an instructor or coach

  • Have a belt or a student grade to aim for

If you have recently joined our club or any martial arts club, well done! You have taken your first step to your goals whether it is to lose weight, make new friends or be a kick-ass black belt ninja! Remember, a black belt is a white belt that never quits.

If you need extra help or more motivation, talk to the team! No question is ever stupid!  You can upgrade your membership and train in more classes per week or arrange a private class to have one-on-one tuition to progress and learn faster. Talk to us and we will always help :)


Improving Your Experience

At WT Bromley, we have been working hard to improve our procedures and software to improve your experience at the club!

Over the Christmas period we have developed and tested three new things:

  1. A new website for the Bromley club - we will upload photos and galleries of classes and events and also blogs with news and events so you can keep up to date with what’s going on. You can also submit a small testimonial about your experience training at the club.

  2. An online booking system - you can now book in for a trial class of your choice on our website and the head instructor, Henry, will be notified of your booking within seconds so he can look forward to seeing you in the club! You will receive an automated email confirming your booking.

  3. A microsite so you can signup online - after your free trial class, you can either signup in person at the club, or many find it easier to set up a membership online. Our new microsite allows you to see all our available classes, packages and prices, add as many members as you like to your account and it automatically calculates a family discount. You will then be redirected to gocardless (who collects the payments) to enter your bank details (no one will be able to see them!) and set up your direct debit and finally sign our terms and conditions. And then voila! You are a member!


We look forward to seeing everyone in class and training hard! 🙋‍♂️

SiHing Henry

P.s. like and review us on facebook www.facebook.com/martialartsbromley and follow on instagram www.instagram.com/wtbromley.