Thank You To All Our Members!

At Kung Fu Bromley we are eternally grateful for the support of our members to allow us to keep going during a long lockdown and we want to publicly thank everyone for their support!

While we could not train in person, in pure Kung Fu fasion we adapted and change to the circumstances and galloped over the hurdles in fro ...

6 Tips To Create A New Habit

When will this end?! As fanatics of martial arts we want nothing more than to get back training, teaching or both! Is it just me or do days of the week not exist any more, March & April felt like a year and any work-life balance is non-existent? We need to create new habits to adapt best to these sud ...

Word of the Week - Perseverance

Every week, we talk with our youngest students about a ‘Word of the Week’. I would like to talk to you all about a very important Word of the Week topic that is vital in such challenging times – Perseverance.  

What is perseverance? According to

Get Fit, Shake The Stress!

Feeling stressed or stuck in life? Martial Arts can change everything. 

✅  Non-competitive martial arts

✅  Relaxed, friendly atmosphere

✅  Adults of any age welcome


Ready to get fit, learn self-defence, and de-stress?

Get your 2 week trial ...

The Corporate Livewire London Prestige Awards

Bromley, London 16/12/2019  – The Corporate Livewire London Prestige Awards Guide 2019/20 is now out.

The London Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises consisting of localised businesses and sole traders that have thrived in their highly competitive community and have p ...

Why you should wear gloves while training

Boxers wear boxing gloves, MMA fighters wear MMA gloves, karate students wear karate gloves etc but why should you wear gloves?


Is the glove there to protect the training partner/opponent or yourself? The fact is although wearing weighted boxing gloves allows you to deliver a lot of force while protecting y ...

Junior Martial Arts - Bromley

Happy Wednesday we wanted to introduce you to one of our junior students in Bromley that has benefitted hugely by training martial arts.

She has palsy right-sided Hemiplegia and has always struggled in sports and PE with teachers singling her out and not giving her the opportunities to try new thin ...


We are excited to announce a new brand for the club! 

We have changed from WT Bromley to Kung Fu Bromley as we look to expand what we offer as a club! We will be hosting seminars by guest instructors and also workshops including Womens Self-defence. 

The name change takes affect across our social me ...

Lil Dragons Martial Arts - Bromley

😎😎 Happy Monday! We wanted to introduce you to one of our dedicated lil dragons family in Bromley!! 😎😎

Theo and Ayla has been training with us for over 18 months and have both had a much increased self disipline, focus and co-ordination since joining us and love coming to class every ...

April Grading

Well done to all of our lil dragons, juniors and adult students who have achieved their next student grade!

At WT Bromley we have gradings after a two month program has been completed with clear goals to aim for and regular testings to see what areas need improvement and to see the progress of every student!

We lo ...

Martial Arts and Physical Wellness

Why do physical exercise?

Well there are many reasons why and they are all designed to help your physical and mental health plus improve your Wing Tsun. Firstly, it is very well known that in the western world we have an obesity epidemic due to the lifestyle of an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical e ...

A Martial Arts Evening with the 5th Bromley Cubs

On Wednesday 3rd April, we were proud to run a martial arts class for the 5th Bromley Cub group for 20 children aged 8-10 and 3 group leaders.

The main focus of the class, with many not trained martial arts before, was learning to use four defence shapes and movements against a wrist grab, straight punch and a stomach p ...

January Update

What’s New for January 2019?

We’re closing in to the end of January. January is traditionally the time for a new you. Filled with mince pies, Christmas dinner, drink and chocolate, motivated individuals flock to their local gym to start their new year resolutions, to get fit!

Most gyms ...

What's Coming Up

With our 2018 year coming to a close, we are looking forward to our regional grading and Christmas meal on the 15th December. The past two years were a great success with the Brighton, Bromley, Tunbridge Wells and Horsham adult students all coming together in one location to celebrate the year and test for their next student ...


🙋‍♂️ Welcome to our new website for the Bromley WingTsun club! 

We are excited that there are many new features available on this website for adults, parents and teens interested in our classes as well as our current students including:

  1. The website now allows you to book yourself or your c ...