Where are we located?
We have classes four days per week in the centre of Bromley. Our full address is:
United Reformed Church Bromley, 20 Widmore Road, BR1 1RY.
The URC Bromley is located two doors down from the large Boots outside the Glades Shopping Centre with Orangetheory Fitness inbetween the two buildings. 
There is parking in the Glades to the rear of the Church and limited in the URC car park that's on a strictly first come first served basis. You cannot park on the payment on the side of the church. 
Bus Routes and Trains
Kung Fu Bromley is located just a ten minutes walk away from Bromley South Train Station (Oyster Zone 5) and 7 minutes walk from Bromley North Train Station (Oyster Zone 4).
The United Reformed Church is very accessible by bus with Bromley Town Hall stops K, P and Q right outside the doors serving 19 bus routes; 208, 227, 320, 358, 126, 261, 314, 320, 336, 354, 638, 61, 119, 138, 146, 246, 269, 352, 367. 
The Bromley school has been open for over a decade and is currently led full time by head instructor SiHing Henry, Sije Sal and SiHing Jack. At our club, we teach three age groups:
Lil Dragons ages 3-5
A preschool martial arts themed program designed to give your child a head start before starting school with exercises to improve coordination, discipline, focus and important skills to keep your little one safe such as stranger-danger, anti-bullying and basic self-defence.
Juniors ages 5-12
Our Children’s Wing Tsun programs focus on life skills essential to your child’s safety for life such as Anti Bullying and stranger danger whilst making sure they have fun and improve their social skills in a group environment.
Our classes specialise in individual growth, making sure your child enjoys themselves in a safe and friendly environment whilst learning self defence and improving their focus, discipline, co-ordination and physical growth. At lot of our parent base have seen a significant improvement in their child's focus, discipline and also their school grades!
Adults ages 12+
At WT Bromley, your safety is important to us. We structure your martial arts journey with a 12-student grade syllabus to ensure you train all the aspects of self-defence.
The twelve student grades are split into three phases. The first phase (grades 1-4) focus on the basics of Wing Tsun such as defending straight attacks, round attacks, kicks and the basics of offense with pad drills and punching drills. The second phase teaches you the concepts of knees and elbows, throwing and anti-throwing, anti-groundfighting and anti-grappling. The final phase focuses on multiple-attackers, control and restraint, kicking and counter-kicking and anti-weapons.
Training martial arts such as Wing Tsun offers many benefits such as increased confidence, fitness, fat-loss, improved flexibility and softness and is also a great way to de-stress and take your mind away after a long day at work!

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