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Martial Arts and Self Defence classes for adult and children

Welcome to Kung Fu Bromley
Kung Fu Bromley is a self-defence focused martial arts school in the London Borough of Bromley. Our school offers 12 classes per week with classes suitable for everyone. 
✅ Non-competitive, self-defence focused martial arts
✅ Grow your child's confidence, discipline and focus along with kung fu moves
✅ Give your child a head start in life with our foundation Tiny Ninjas Program 
✅ Relaxed & friendly family atmosphere
✅ Anyone of any age welcome
✅ No sweaty gi's or smelly feet, just tshirt, joggers and trainers!


Check out our video below on some punching combinations you can practise at home using only a sockball and some string!

Our mission at Kung Fu Bromley is to make everyone feel safer and more confident through martial arts. We teach a modern style of Kung Fu created in China to defeat stronger opponents not using strength vs strength. Wing Tsun is purely for self-defence it is practiced worldwide by millions of people of all ages, size, gender and abilities. 
WT covers all distances (kicks, fists, knees, elbows, grapples, ground and also weapons) and you will learn how to react to all situations in a lawful manner and not to resort to violence straight away. 


We believe that all children should try martial arts and the awesome things that is has to offer. Our children's martial arts programs cover a range of life skills that will give your child a head start in life. 
Both of our Tiny Ninjas and Junior Ninjas program cover a wide range of topics including stranger danger, anti-bullying and not resorting to violence. We have structured syllabuses that all children follow covering all attacks relevent to the children's age group and the apporiate response. 
Our Martial Arts for Children programs here in Bromley encorporate the Motor Skill Learning syllabus as an accredited centre teaching kung fu to children in a fun and engaging environment using scientifically proved methods and activities to improve your child's core gross motor skills including:
✔️Catching & Throwing
✔️Running & Jumping
These skills will not only help your child learn martial arts but also have a head start ready for primary or secondary school!



Kung Fu Bromley and all of our instructors are fully qualified, licenced, first-aid trained and insured members of the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) who are an approved association by the MARSC (Martial Arts Regulatory & Standards Commission) so you are in very safe hands!

Our Team is dedicated to making sure that all of our members have a great time learning self-defence in a safe, friendly and ego-free environment. You will work through a structured twelve student grade syllabus with experienced instructors guiding you on your personal jounrney. 

We would like to invite you for a FREE taster session, so you can come and experience martial arts for yourself and see first hand the benefits it has!

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What Others Say About Us

We are so happy with how far they have come on since Sept 2018. They have both grown in confidence and really enjoy their time with Henry. Not only are they keeping fit they are also learning discipline and how to protect themselves if they needed to


Sebastian enjoys his Thursday's at little dragons, he gets to learn lots of new skills but have fun at the same time. He's always excited to come.

Mandy Sellek

Our Blog

24 Jun

Thank You To All Our Members!

At Kung Fu Bromley we are eternally grateful for the support of our members to allow us to keep going during a long lockdown and we want to publicly thank everyone for their support!

While we could not train in person, in pure Kung Fu fasion we adapted and change to the circumstances and ga ...

11 May

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5 Apr

Word of the Week - Perseverance

Every week, we talk with our youngest students about a ‘Word of the Week’. I would like to talk to you all about a very important Word of the Week topic that is vital in such challenging times – Perseverance.  

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